Shakey - Quill

Oh dear lord.

[its a rap, innit. safe bluds]

Its the thought of never seeing you that scares me into this,
wasting every single moment for that one special kiss.
Im just a broken shell of the girl I used to be,
waiting, once more, for you to fall in love with me
Waiting for our love to go back to the start,
for you to tell me youre going to mend this broken heart.
Waiting for you for the fifth and last time,
to gather the courage to say youve changed your mind.
The moments going to happen, of that Im sure..
it better do cos that moment's all im living for.
Shakey - Quill

524: Dreamcatcher

I wanted to grow to know anything.
I wanted to learn to know everything.
I wanted a house to call my own.
I wanted the wheels to drive me home.
I wanted to progress, to be able to teach.
The sky was the limit I had to reach.

Then you came along,
with your dreams of dust.
You stole my freedom,
You destroyed my trust.

I'm lost without love or a place to call home;
Because you caught my dreams, and you made them your own.
Shakey - Quill

460 We never forget.

Yes you went and did it,
just like they said.
Kissed another woman,
stayed in my bed.

Told me when I shouted,
louder than ever before.
Told me you were too drunk
to walk or ignore.

Did her lips taste good honey?
Do you regret it at all?
Do you like how you hurt me?
And made me feel so small?

The problem is that four letter word
I just cant run away-
Im truly, madly deeply in,
so of course I will stay.

One thing I've learnt honey,
in order to love and live,
We must never forget,
but always forgive.
Shakey - Quill


Grab the book nearest to you. Turn to the last page and use the last line of the story in your own work.

"Which only goes to show that, clever as I am, I remain just as big a fool as anyone else"
-The Tales of Beedle the Bard, JK Rowling.

Ever since I can remember its always been said,
I have no common sense, but an intelligent head.

Give me a mathmatical equation or a classical book,
dont ask me to understand why you give her that look.

So when I found out you cheated, I said I'd take you back,
because I love you is all I know, and that is that.

I know its likely you'll do it again, thats what you do.
Thats the dickhead I fell in love with, thats just you.

It goes to show clever as I am, It really cant be helped
I'm just as big a fool as anyone else.
Shakey - Quill


Here's another writing exercise that I found fun but hard to do. Play with alliteration. Choose a sound and see how many times you can repeat it in whatever you are writing. The trick is not how many repetitions you can get but how not to go overboard and keep it interesting and readable. Good luck!

Beauty is only skin deep honey,
But why her? Why the
Beautiful one, with the tiny little
butt, small haircut, jeans
boot cut.

Baby, why hurt me so,
Bathe in the glory that you know- how her lips taste;
berrys, I'd imagine,
bet you loved it.
but do you regret it?

Baby, why did you have to
break this
bond? These lips may not rest on that
beautiful face, with the small haircut and the
berry taste-
But they were yours to have honey,

Now there just a waste.


I went for the "buh" sound, dont know if that came off with the structure...
Shakey - Quill


Two posts ago,
I was right,
he lasted two days.

I made the mistake,
of falling in love with him.

Now he wants a week,
and im not strong enough.

Help me, ...
Here come the words.
Shakey - Quill


Two past prompts;



Go on honey,
say you don't love me-
... not anymore.
Thats wicked,
because you're perfect
The one I'm breathing for.
Shakey - Quill

[Boys like you are a dime a dozen]

Don't you dare pretend this is going to be hard on me. Like fuck. Im so much stronger than this, than you. Its taken me an hour or so to grasp this concept, but I'm so there now. Right now I'm thinking of completely withdrawing myself from you. The best part of this plan is firstly that I know this is possible. I'm so much stronger than you; last time this happened I could of cut myself off completely, its just I didn't want to and lets face it, neither did you. This time, I want to. I want to see how well you survive without me..

Last time you couldn't last a day. This time, I give you two. That's only really because I won't see you until up town on Saturday night, and after not seeing me for two days, Im going to be wearing the dress you love .. and grinding against any man I can lay a finger on. I'll grind against any woman too- because I know how insane it will make you. I will wait for you to join me on the dancefloor, and lay my finger on the place that drives you insane -- and then I'll walk to some other guy. Because I'll be allowed to. And I know you might try it on with another girl. You dare and I'll go straight to your best mate, and I hope it hurts as much as you made me hurt earlier.

And the best part of all this? I know if you take two, three... four days to make up your mind, and you decide this isnt what you want, it won't destroy me. I'm so over men ruining my life, I'm over crying over what to do, I'm over losing faith in myself, who I am, what I want to be, over a bunch of shitheads who think they have the right to mess with peoples minds.

And now I'm sat here thinking about how much I don't need you. How much you depend on me, and how independent I am, how much I have going for me, and how much you need the stability I offer. How little you actually do for me - you drive me around, sure, but who pays for the petrol? Most importantly, I have my own car, if I need to get anywhere, I can drive (and better than you -- ouch, bet that hurt). I buy your food. You practically live at my house for nothing, I give you petrol money, I pay for everything. It doesn't bother me because I love knowing that I don't depend on you, and this is why I'm feeling so good about this right now.

If you want to walk away from this, fine, do it. No skin of my nose. I hope you find a few more sluts to sleep with, maybe notch you up to the twentys. No matter what "Sweetie, you had me". I hope to God none of them know how to scratch your back just enough to make you arch it, bringing their finger down the centre so that you moan. I hope none of them know how to kiss your stomach, to lick around your belly button until you cant stop squirming, then kiss the centre and have you push them away because the feelings too much. I hope to god none of them know how to cook you a full english breakfast, to buy you a lucozade sport (raspberry flavour) and Trident strawberry and lime gum. I hope none of them know what to say to make you smile that cheeky smile, I hope none of them know how to smile back to make you sigh so loud it sounds like you're in heaven. I hope you always regret fucking me around like this.


As a side note, or really not much of a side note, your best friend has fallen for me - which is ironic really, because you said you thought I liked </b>him</b>. Another classic case of you putting the trust in the wrong person, because even though you like to tell me about how hes only a player, he says he could change for me.

So all the massages me and him gave each other, all the jokes about seeing each other late at night - it was never unfounded. All the times you got angry and drove away, you were right. This feels like .... its not revenge, because I know I couldnt - its not happiness because nothings really changed - this feels like.... power. The irony just oozes from that doesnt it? -

How for this entire evening you've made me feel like I'm useless, stupid, rubbish at everything. And all of a sudden its snapped, and I know its the other way around. Maybe I'm a bad person for feeling like this, like I have some sort of power over this whole situation.

You know what? I fucking do. I'm going to make you wish you had never even considered ending this, and I'm going to make you work to get it back. I'm done with feeling like Im in the wrong all the time.

"Don't, don't let it go to your head. Boys like you are dime a dozen-You're a touch overrated, you're a lush and I hate it, but these grass stains on my knees they won't mean a thing. And all I need to know, is that Im something you'll be missing. Maybe I should hate you for this? - Never really did get that far. I'd never lie to you - unless I had to; I'll do what I've got to. The Truth? Is you could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath, I'd apologise for bleeding on your shirt. If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar"
Shakey - Quill

Smells and memories.

This ones here.

Smells, and memories.

Do you have a scent that when you smell it, brings up a memory? Do share.
Two conversing ones; The smell of a particular facewash brings up memories of a camping holiday I went on, and the guy I was in love with then. I hate him now, so I dont use that face wash. Whenever my boyfriend is round and goes home, he leaves his smell on my pillows, and when I'm asleep and roll over I can smell him, I think about the time I spent with him and it makes me fall asleep happy :)

Songs. Is there a particular song that brings back happy memories? Song title and memory, if you care to share that much.
The Rasmus,In the Shadows reminds me of a time when I didn't care about the world and was just living life as a kid.

How about a song that brings up painful memories? Song title and memory, if you care to share that much.
Hard-Fi's Stronger I listened to it ever damn day when my first love told me it was "Our Song". Now when it comes on randomly on shuffle it makes me want to burst into tears or, more likely, be physically sick. I don't listen to it anymore.

Food. Is there a certain food that conjures up memories?
When I eat Salt and Vinegar snack a jacks it reminds me of my GCSEs. I used to walk into town after an exam, go to boots and get a meal deal with snack a jacks. I enjoyed the freedom of doing it I did it all through exams now every time I smell one it reminds me of back then!

Clothing? Do you have an item of clothing or if you see a certain item, does it make you think of a time/place or person?
Took me a while to think of this one. I have this really old (I'm talking maybe ten years) jumper that I used to take camping. I used to put it on in the evening when we were playing cards, it reminds me of the days when I used to have a family, and happiness. It reminds me of my mum smiling. Thankfully, it still fits.
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